I know I am intelligent because I know that I know nothing. – Socrates

I’ve heard Socrates described as a fairly unattractive fellow who had little time for personal hygiene. I imagine he was so fully engrossed in understanding others and the world around him that his physical self was of little relevance. Despite the big belly, white beard and the well of wisdom he possessed, I imagine him with an deep childlike fascination for the world; he knew there was always more to be explored, to see, to learn. There was always a deeper level. In fact it seems as though the older and wiser Socrates became, the more his¬†characteristic curiosity grew. How did he cultivate this habit so well into old age? Imagine if we all maintained a similar childlike fascination for the world, and in particular, an ability to interact with others indiscriminately and without preconceived ideas. Imagine if we were all equally disinterested in ourselves and perpetually drawn to understand the lives of those around us.¬†socrates-1-sized