In addition to writings here, I’m involved other creative projects all of which stem from my curiosity and love for people and my interest in helping others cultivate the greater capacity for empathy.

Building Blocks to Life 

Building Blocks for a Better Life provides learning resources for children between the ages of 0-8. These resources are short stories written to encourage children to think both empathetically (i.e. “How would these actions cause others to feel?”) and critically (i.e. “What may be appropriate courses of action, given the challenging circumstances presented?”). This is achieved through the mode of open-ended storytelling by which a parent or guardian is able to support the child in creating what the child feels is an appropriate story ending.

An instruction guide for parents or guardians accompanies these short stories and provides suggested questions designed to encourage discussion and in particular, stimulate an empathic response and critical thought. Building Blocks resources are available for free by download.

Learn more about this project here.

Ride the Future Tour 

In 2013, I travelled the length of the United States, from Charleston, South Carolina right through to San Francisco, California as part of the Ride the Future Tour. Our ambition was to set four Guinness World Records for the longest distance ever travelled by four different types of electric vehicle (car, scooter, motorbike, bicycle).

In April 2014, the documentary film about the journey, Kick Gas, is due for release. While the film demonstrates the importance of moving away from gas powered vehicles, it also communicates the importance of connection in dealing with the environmental challenges our earth faces. I realised as we travelled through 44 cities that there were beautiful, enriching individual stories all around me. We so often whiz through life focused on making something of ourselves. The film is a reminder that when stop, listen and start living for others, our individuals lives can become more meaningful.


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