Thoughts on Nomadic Friendship III

My thoughts on the idea of ‘nomadic friendship’ and how friendship can supersede romantic love.

3 Women 3 Journeys

I’m drinking a glass of wine. I’m in bed. I’m in Santa Cruz, California and I’m alone. I’m here for two months working on a film project. After this, it’s off to Spain for a wedding and then Bangkok to see friends. And after that? Not a clue. This really is, as Michaelle says, a nomadic existence and while the idea of living without a permanent address is not for everyone – my mother is a prime example – the experience of living a modern day nomadic lifestyle can also be extremely rewarding.

I’m the least perfect human on the planet and I certainly have my hang ups. But being a nomad has helped me let go of expectations I placed on myself long ago around how my life should be lived. It’s helped me to avoid strong attachment to physical things (everyteliki-tohahing I own fits in one suitcase), develop a…

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